From the recording Wait, What?


Well, well, as far as I can tell
You’re going straight to hell
You’re going straight to hell
Mistakes were made when you were a younger man
You’ve got to live with them
You’ve got to live with them
“Bad boy, what you gonna do when they come for you?”
And you know they always do
You say this land is a place for second chances
And you practice all your answers
For when the feces hit the fan

Right, right, everybody’s got a past
Right, right, Tiger King and Mother Theresa
Right, right, you were hoping yours wouldn’t last
Alas, it’s caught up with you

And you hide, you hide, too many skeletons in your closet
You pack them tight, those poor dead bodies are getting crowded
It stinks to heaven on high, but the cleaning ladies on their way
And you try, you try, to sweep it all under the carpet
You lie, you lie, as if ain’t anybody gonna see it
Bye-bye, bye-bye, the dream police are on their way

Hey, hey, the high tide went away
And every one of us who stayed
See you’ve been swimming without a trunk
You’re not so sure if you should fess up before too late
You keep on smiling but you’re afraid
And deep inside you feel like scum
Poor boy, what you gonna spout when your Mom finds out
And you know moms always do
You hope this land hates the sins but loves the sinner
That you’ll just waffle, duck and slither
When the feces hit the fan