From the recording Wait, What?


He’s a she, she’s a he
They’s a they, them, theirs, you see
As for me, it’s plain to see
I’m as manly a man as manly can be
You can call me Stan
‘Cause I stand when I …

I’m a he, obviously
Between my legs, between my ears
Not astride (yes, that’s right), on one side
Of a binary
As for them, they’s fluid you see
They’s not a gent but they’s neither a lady
Their grammar sucks
But they knows who they be

Worlds collided, I can’t hide it
When I met my lovey-dovey
They was kind (what a find), they was sweet
They was kind of sweet and sexy
Yes or no, black or white, 0 1 met
Your gender is yours, not for others to set
They was trans, I in trance, what romance

When we’re out (well, they’s out) and about (and they’s proud)
People stare and people talk
We get by (bi and bi), we’re not shy (my o my)
We don’t care and let them croak
I love them theirs they loves I, me and mine
Ain’t nothing else matters, let haters be vile
You can call me Lee ‘cause I sit when I, sit when I, sit when I …