From the recording Wait, What?


They met on Zoom, in a break-out room
In the dark ages of doom and gloom
She was bright and sophisticated
But all he wanted was to see her naked

They met again on Slack a week after that
They shared a channel, and he stared at her pixels
He went on Twitter and he followed her
And he retweeted every little thought she had

Now you may say he’s not the most mature, I assume
Some people even say his brain’s a vacuum
But when he saw her on his Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
There’s no denying that his heart went boom, boom, boom

He went on Facebook and he got a look
At all the pictures that she posted on her wall
Before you can say Zuckerberg, he was hooked
And he requested that she friend him, don’t we all?

Soon it came that the doom and gloom went away
He braced himself and texted her: “what would you say
If with my Apple phone I gave you a ring
And asked if you would let me take you out for a drink?”

Now you may say she’s not the most self-assured, I agree
And that she settled for a lower pedigree
But when he had unmuted in the Zoom break-out room
There’s no denying that her heart went boom, boom, boom

And you may say “what are the odds such a love would endure?”
That life on line is full of fakes and avatars
But let me tell you that their feelings were pure and sure
And they grew stronger, stronger, close than from afar

I hear some of you say my song is dumb
Unrealistic, optimistic, frankly wrong
But I get to make it up just as I want
And I’m in the mood for something sweet and lovesome
Hey, you might want to check them out on Tik Tok
Instagram too, you’ll see their love around the clock
One thing they’ll keep to themselves, but I’ll say
He now gets to see her naked every day

OK, I must confess, I didn’t work so hard on this one
Five chords and silly words that came to me while out on a run
But when I see love in real life or dream it on Zoom
It makes me happy and my heart goes boom, boom boom