1. SuperFloyd

From the recording Wait, What?


Ooh, we were high, you and me and that other guy
Who, who was he? Did he come with your friend Melody?
Ooh, you were mine, and a few dozen other guys’
Who, who were they? Had they come with your friend Desiree?

And all the love we made went ‘round and round again
A carnal carousel we thought would never end
And all the things I say hardly make any sense
But “what a day, a year, a life it was”

Ooh, we were one, you, me, Lou, Jeannie, Suzie, and Juan
Who, who was Lou? Had he come with Jeannie, Juan or Sue?
Aah, I wonder now, if you could tell me, if you know,
Who, who were you? “Wish you were here” still, wish I knew

But then you married Keith and you moved out of town
Not sure whom he came with, but love stopped going ‘round