From the recording Wait, What?


[In memory of Marie-Soleil Frère]
You thought it might be just the flu
Something you ate, hay fever too
But it went on and on and on
Family doctor had no clue
Then all the tests that you went through
Before they said the word, you knew

And you’ve been living with a sword over your head
Worried and wondering how they will go on if you’re dead

1, 2, 3, 4, it’s been ages
Since you counted up the stages
And you know it won’t be long
The roller coaster of your days
Is never coming back this way
But you do want to stay on

And you’ve been crying in the middle of the night
For there’s no lying, you fear what’s on the other side

It was her stop, end of the line
The moment heavy on our mind
She took a breath, one more time
With all her children gathered ‘round
No more fear and, homeward bound
She took a breath, one last time

And I’ve been crying, in the middle of the night
For I’ve been living with her suffering on my mind