1. Yo Boy!

From the recording Wait, What?


Yo, Boy, can’t you see? The soldiers marching down the street
One-two, one-two-three. They come for you they come for me
Run, run, save your skin. They’re high and drunk, they shoot to kill
Hide your sister, lock your door. Tell your mother to lay on the floor

Yo, Boy, it’s too late. The roads are blocked, they’ve sealed our fate
Can’t you see they loot and rape? God, have pity, your servants await
Yo, Boy, we’ve been screwed, the war on terror is filled with horror
Off with your head, blown by a Reaper, whoever your prophet you don’t have a prayer

We don’t know but it’s been told people here are hiding gold
We don’t know but it’s been said we will trade it for our lead

They killed your ma, they killed your pa, you’re one of them now, simple as
A-B, A-B-C. You’ve got to kill if you want to live
Yo, Boy, I can see you, walking down my street, you’ve
Got a gun, you’re high and drunk. Your eyes are red, and now I’m dead.