From the recording Wait, What?


If you find your way out of LA
Then you drive east along the 10 Freeway
Past the strip malls of Covina
Over the hill from where some don’t come back

Here the river beds are made of concrete
But the rivers are nowhere to be found
Everyone lives in their car seat
I wouldn’t blame you if you turned around

But as you drive into the Inland Empire
Where the air is on fire
And the warehouses drab
You’ll find a town that thinks it lies in New England
With its drip lines overworking
And where Snoop Dogg once rapped

Some people here are rather old
And the young ones migrate in and out
West of College there’s a village
And south of Arrow some folks won’t go

There is fine bread and coffee galore
Children playing under the Sycamores
A big mountain named after me
A shop that made music history

Some visit from so far as Rancho Cucamonga,
Which is a real place where Frank Zappa
Got in trouble with the law
Those from San Dimas also like to dine among us
They all help us with our taxes
But we’re the ones who call it home