From the recording Love, Loss, and Chickens

A man reaches the age, to the day, his father was when he passed...


If I make it until the morning
If I get to see the sun rise over the trees
If I live until tomorrow
Would you come back and let me show you around?

Would you let me lend you my eyes?
So we can take it from when they shut yours tight
However long I got left to go
Would you come see what you never saw?

For if I get to be older than you
If God only wills that I should go on
If I know an age that you never knew
How could I still, would I still be your son?

If I walk on by where you fell
If my body holds when yours unraveled
If I have time in front of me
Would you please keep me company?

And if you let me lend you my eyes
Would I show you a world you’d care to see?
If you come and walk along with me
Would I make it worth your while?

And if I get to be older than you
I’d be lonelier too, wishing you’d know
A part of me the boy on your shoulders,
in a rush to get older, who misses you now