From the recording Well,


I don’t know which one of them first reached out to the other
Next thing you know, they were holding hands like brothers
And all the tears that were shed by these men’s wives and mothers
Well, they were drying up, under the pale sun of September

For all we knew then, progress would go on forever
We held for true then our union would only get closer

I don’t know why it is we ended up not doing better
We got together, but took our eyes off the prize we were after
We were still in those trenches while the world was changing around us
Can you be one now without keeping out millions of others?

What do you want now? Is there still a dream you can have together?
And who are you now? Not those white dudes on the picture
They are both gone now…

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and you know you can’t put it back together
You need a new plan now, one in which yesterday is over
The future’s in your head now, do you think you can let go of the dead men?
To keep moving ahead now, you’ve got to reinvent being European