From the recording Well,


I know what you think, that I can hardly, hardly sing to save my life, and you might be up to something, but how I wish you weren’t right
For what is a man to do if his voice won’t carry a tune but he’s got songs coming out the wazoo, and the shower just won’t do?

I wish I could sing like Freddie Mercury
Hit all those high notes and always be in the right key
I’d skip the unitards, they’re not flattering on me
But, boy, I would be so happy
I’d sing you songs all night, all day and in between
You’d dance and laugh and look at me lovingly
We’d harmonize and live in harmony
Oh, we would be so happy

You don’t like my voice but you don’t have a choice, you’re married to me,
and I fancy myself quite the artiste as I work on my future hits
But I want to sing for you, get down on one knee and serenade you, and I don’t want you to cringe when I do, that’s why I wish I could sing like who?