From the recording Well,


Do you remember, do you remember when you said you would follow me to the end of the earth?
Am I mistaken, am I mistaken to recall you said you’d never ever let me walk alone?

Well, wouldn’t you know what a difference twenty years can make
Sitting at our kitchen table I can still smell the bread you used to bake
And, by the way, you left your Mother’s pearls upstairs, in that little box where you keep all your treasures and the stuff for which you care

Was there a reason, was there a reason that you went? I try to wrap my head around it but I can’t.
We were so happy, we were so happy even when sometimes we bickered like a rooster and a hen

But here I am just a ghost in a house that once was our home, wondering what on earth I did to deserve ending up like this all alone
And no goodbye, not a word, not a note, not even a call. You’re the one who left but I’m the one who feels like he never existed at all

I bought you flowers, I bought you flowers yesterday, I thought you might still care about our anniversary
I brought them over, I brought them over to your place, …

I saw a squirrel jump over the names of your new friends, and with all the balloons it looked like you guys down there are still having so much fun
But then I went back home with myself and nobody else, sitting at our kitchen table I thought I could still hear our wedding bells.