From the recording Well,


There’s a place in another world, where you and I make a pair, where I’m not invisible, and where you love me, that’s where
There’s a moment in another time when we blend into one, when you look up at me and you smile, and the world can go to hell

But I can’t make you see me now,
I’m just a ficus in the lobby
I’m a speck of dirt and nothing more
In this charming world that you inhabit

There’s a planet in another space where we both breathe the same air, where all the stars align, and amazed, we see we’re in heaven on earth
There’s a you in another life, who needs me night and day, who believes I’m worth more than “Hi,” never wants me far away

And that’s the life where I belong,
I’m heading there and then today
I can’t go on here without you
I take the pills I’m on my way

When you see me in the paper, you might not give it a thought or you might say he looks familiar; didn’t he work on the third floor?
“What a shame” or “what a loser,” you just won’t give a damn, you will yawn and throw the paper in the recycling bin

But where I am now so are you, and there you love me through and through
There we’re an item you and me,
Have always been will always be
I ain’t gonna wake up anymore,
‘Cause where I’m now ain’t no third floor
It’s you and me, two martinis,
And you call me your sweet lovey dovey