From the recording Well,


Out of the blue, Carson Palmer moved in one night, put his trophy on the mantle
I swear it’s true, he said he would stay a while, as we sat at the kitchen table
Next day we hung out, took some snaps and took a nap
Then we played on the slip-and-slide

Oh, what a ball, when Carson lived with us and went to preschool with his friends
When he’d come home, we practiced in the yard, he let me win every now and then
Then we read books and played with blocks, and when she called
We would tell Mom about it all

That’s all it was, a slice of life that wouldn’t last
Back then I didn’t quite see it would engrave inside of me
It blows my mind that after all this time I can still hear him
It goes to show, that after highs and lows, I must still love him

Out of my life, Carson Palmer walked out one day, left his trophy on the mantle
And there are times I wish he’d be here again, there’s not a day that I don’t miss him
We didn’t know our luck when Carson lived with us
And then he left without a fuss