1. Zoloft Lullaby

From the recording Well,


If there’s no way your eyes will ever dry
And you could hardly make it through the night, adrift and paralyzed, I’ll take your hand and hold it tight
And if you dug a hole inside of you, hid it from all until you fell right through, I’d find you where you’re at, I’d pull you out and bring you back

And if you fear I won’t be strong enough,
That I’ll be swept aside, that my love won’t abide
I say, my child, have faith, I say it loud:
There’s nowhere you can be that I won’t help you out

When once again you’re just a helpless child, befuddled days followed by restless nights, don’t you cry, love, don’t you cry, rock-a-bye baby, rock-a-bye
For when you stare into the end of time, won’t fight the pull of the receding tide, that hand you feel in yours will not let go for ever more

And if you say my words are full of it, if you say I’m only trying to sugarcoat it,
I say, my love, believe with all your might, I’ll always be with you, here and on the other side