From the recording Back to Plan A


Would you rather eat dirt and crawl in a swamp with spiders and turds and
Hit yourself on the head with a bat and eat a pound of saturated fat
Or would you rather go out with me?

Would you rather, insane, have your body ache with fever and pain and
Be parched with no water in sight and shiver and shake in the dead of night
Or would you rather make out with me? I knew it, she likes me!

Would you rather be blind and deaf and mute and with a severed spine and
Both quite sick and hypochondriac and about to suffer from a heart attack
Or would you rather make love with me?

Would you rather be dead, be gone, bye-bye, a bunch of ashes instead and
Burn in hell for all eternity, pitchforks and fire, seems like a pity
Or would you rather spend your life with me? You can say it, you love me!