From the recording Back to Plan A


If you were no longer in my life I wouldn’t have one
If you were gone I’d be gone too inside my head
I wouldn’t shave I wouldn’t shower I wouldn’t change my underpants
I would have breadcrumbs in my beard, children would mock me and run scared

If I could not wake up with you I wouldn’t sleep then
Without you lying next to me I would not care for being free
I’d seek your smell on your pillow, something to hang on in my sorrow
If I couldn’t wake up next to you I might not wake up anymore

If I couldn’t hold you I would hold on to a bottle
The guy at the liquor store would be my only friend
I would drink myself silly, I would puke and then feel sorry
I’d go to AA shaking bad, tell them I loved you and I’m sad

If I sat at home waiting for you, waiting and waiting
If I sat at home waiting to find you’d never come
I’d keep on sitting and sitting, I’d keep on waiting, waiting, waiting
She’s stuck in traffic on the 10, she’ll be home soon, that’s settled then

If you must go then you will leave with both our lives
If you turned back there would be nothing left to find
My nurse might well be Smiley Sunshine: “He’s making progress, doing fine”
She could not cover up the fact that she would care for an old rag

Si tu n’étais plus là, serais-je encore là moi-même ?
Si tu disparaissais, je partirais aussi
Aucune pensée sauf que je t’aime, une ombre de moi mais à peine
Une ville en ruine après la guerre, d’un jour à l’autre un grabataire