From the recording Back to Plan A


Bobby’s a boomer from Ohio. His job went south some years ago.
Now he spends his days at the diner and he got himself a gun.
Karee’s got cattle in Nebraska. She’s got a big heart, you can ask her.
She loves everybody but she don’t like them rangers and she got herself a gun.

Yes, of course, the Second Amendment and all that jazz
You’ve got to stand up and fight for your rights
But down this road lies Mogadishu, where life is nasty, short and brutish
And where you won’t hear me pontificate

Duane is a dude from California. He’s got religion, Halleluiah!
The Good Lord told him “Son, love your neighbor”
He said “Amen,” and he got a revolver
Monique’s a Mongo from the Congo. She knows how quick things can go wrong-o.
She tried to get away from it all, still she got herself a gun.

The nation-state was fine and dandy while it lasted
Now you’re about to go ahead and blast it
Fine, suit yourself, and toll the bell, but good luck building something else
Mr. Know-it-All has said his piece