From the recording Back to Plan A


I look out the window, don’t know what I’m looking at.
Body stiff, mind frozen, where are the words to speak my fears?
I can tell I’m leaving, no more doubt about it I’m slipping.
I’ll be dead before I die. I’m a wreck, my brain is fried.

I was a kid once, I rode my bike, fished at the lake with my old man,
I had play dates with my friends
I was a brother, I was alive, played hide and seek,
I laughed and cried and fell asleep on Mama’s lap
I was a boy once, I played guitar, I loved the Beatles, I liked girls
and with my friends we had a band
I made the soccer team, I was alive, I was a student, a boyfriend, a team mate, and a son

Your face is vaguely familiar, your voice a beacon in my fog.
Sometimes I’m here, sometimes I’m there, but I don’t know where.
I can’t find the worms in my rain to sell you that I still stare.
It’s closing in on me day by day. Hold me tight, I’m so scared.

I was a man once, and I was proud,
I was a worker, a soldier, a voter, and a lover
I was hungry, the world was mine
I fell in love, and I was yours
I was a husband, I was alive,
I was a dad, a neighbor, a friend, and then a grandpa
I made you breakfast, cared for my roses, I was alive, I was alive