From the recording Things Could Be Worse


She got in her head that if she got laid
She might get a baby, give the love she never got
Enters dude named Chuck, can’t believe his luck,
In her chacha put his thingy, likes it quite a lot

I bet you know what’s next, a consequence of sex
In the egg the tadpole made a hole and made his nest
A smile on her face, speaks of happy days
Who would ever guess that lazy Chuck could run so fast?

Six pounds, seven ounces, chubby thighs, her mama’s eyes
Here comes her chance to give the love she never got
Oh she wants to but, Gosh, she’s tired, all she can do is curl up and cry and
There goes the chance to give the love she never got and

She worked for the Man, He had other plans
State law says two weeks off then you’re back at the packing plant
Called in sick time and again, now she lives in a tent,
Foster baby all but set to seek the love she’ll never get