From the recording Things Could Be Worse


I kid you not I hear a lot of rumors going round all over town
And I can’t help it but I’m worried and I wonder is it over
You laugh it off, I ain’t so tough, I’m frightened you might hit the pause
And I choke on all the smoke that you say don’t come from no fire in our house
Your friends, they ask incredulously, what were you thinking when you went out with me?
The end, it’s on their lips, you see, I hear the rumors, they’re all I hear

I hear the rumors, they’re getting louder but I hope that they’re just lies
From your admirers, wannabe lovers, always prone to fantasize
I hope that they’re just lies

I tell you what, I smell a rat, it’s Friday night I don’t know where you’re at
And I can’t help it, feeling stupid, am I your ex? is there a next?
The birds of prey have congregated, the drinks they buy you meant to seal our fate
Your life’s a blast, I should have known we wouldn’t last, I’d end alone
Your friends, they can no longer wait, life is all fun and games without me in the room
Too late, I heard them all too late, the rumors of our impending doom

I heard the rumors, couldn’t get much louder, but I hoped that they were lies
From all the losers, who lust for your knickers, always sharpening their knives
But I hoped that they were lies